Our Beer


Great Beer is a choice

For too many years the main ingredient in most mass-produced beers has been hot air. Ever since the industrial revolution began, we’ve been sold on the notion that just about anything that is worth having could be better if we could just produce a few million more – and if they were instantly available everywhere.

Since that initial turn of the cog, mass production has infiltrated every facet of culture – leaving a sea of cheap commodities in its wake. Combine that with aggressive beer marketing designed to create loyalty to labels rather than quality, and you’ve got a recipe for mediocrity on a grand scale. In a country as remote and sparse as Australia, the answer to logistical problems of mass production, preservation and transportation came in the form of fillers and other workarounds to compensate for the higher cost of fresh, perishable ingredients. Along the way, in an effort to cut costs and appeal to the lowest common denominator, the skill & spirit of innovation & experimentation evaporated in the blink on an eye.

At Van Dieman, we make every litre from scratch with only the freshest ingredients – many grown either on the brewery farm or sourced from within Tasmania. Making craft beer is a journey. Its about choices – both for the brewer and the patron. And in the same way you can tell the difference between a fresh cut of meat and processed parts, it's about a return to quality. Its about tasting all of the beer. Every decision we make leaves its mark on the product. Its deliberate.

In great beer there are no shortcuts