White Hills White Ale

White Hills White Ale

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Our take on a traditional Belgian Witbier, a refreshing, elegant, tasty, moderate strength wheat based ale. the grain bill is half malted barley and half raw when, with around 5% rolled oats added to increase mouth feel. Full of body, flavour & aromatics, it has a mellow sweetness and a light, balancing tart edge.

We've tactically deployed fresh orange peel & coriander seed to deliver an effortless thirst quenching fresh flavour with a bulging bouquet of coriander & citrus. Sports a meringue-like head when poured and a full golden, hazy appearance when the yeast is preferably roused from the bottle. A great pleasure anytime, providing a little taste of summer, all year round.  

Food Pairing

Seafood matches exquisitely with Witbiers, especially mussels, calamari & oysters, either by themselves or in pasta or risottos. Simply prepared fresh fish such as trout or salmon pair beautifully with the cloudy, citrussy, aromatic Belgian-style beer.