Ragged Jack Pale Ale

Ragged Jack Pale Ale

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Australian Pale Ale - 4.2% ABV

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Ragged Jack is a hoppy pale ale inspired by the beers we love to take with us on long hikes and bike treks with one end goal, tantalizingly hoppy refreshment. With a malt bill consisting solely of our pale malt, Ragged Jack remains bone dry with a joyous background of simple bready and biscuit-like notes. 

Its Galaxy dry hopping creates a melody of balanced tropical and juicy flavours that jump right out of the beer, only to be followed up with equally intense hoppy notes of apricot, guava, mango and passion fruit. While low in body, the hops used create a resinous mouthfeel keeping this beer refreshing yet deceptively small. Ragged jack is exceptionally easy to drink, with a relaxed malt depth, unearth this beer regularly for maximum satisfaction. 

Food Pairing

Ragged Jack’s fruity and floral character combined with a crisp, refreshing bitterness makes it a perfect choice for almost any occasion.  Stir fries, chicken, seafood and salads complement its broad flavours and approachability.