Jacobs Ladder Amber Ale

Jacobs Ladder Amber Ale

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American Amber Ale - 4.2% ABV

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Hops get all the attention, but Jacobs Ladder turns its nose up at the spotlight seeking hop character and instead pays homage to the hard working, behind the scenes effort of the malts. The crystal clear copper hue can be attributed to the Shepherds Delight malt, whilst Crystal malt embodies the beer with much of the malt aroma.

Throw your nose into the headspace of the glass and a bready malt character, dark fruit aromas and a hint of autumn spice immediately hit you.  Backed up by five different malts that punch out a superb malty body and soft bitterness from subtle modern hop additions, it’s a beer to be celebrated for its subtleties and hard working nature, which coincidently honors its English heritage.

Food Pairing

Matching Jacobs Ladders’ malt character is a delight, with burgers, meaty soups and stews highly recommended, however our favorite is rack of brewery-grown fresh lamb or a home cooked beef & potato pie.