Barley Wine

Barley Wine


Wood Aged Barley Wine - 14% ABV

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Sometimes you just have to push the boundaries. Like the limits of our mash tun when we mashed in this monster brew. Barley Wines’ deliver on another level, and this wolf in sheeps’ clothing is no different. A sparkling golden bronze appearance delivers an extremely smooth & mellow body, not syrupy or cloying which can often accompany this style, presenting aromas of wildflowers, dried figs and peach that sweeten the boozy vanilla notes, with a subtle brett influence. .

Miraculously easy to drink, She masks her 14% strength attributed to a hibernation period of 12 months in fresh Muscat barrels which aids to the complexity of this behemoth. We’ve reluctantly re-released her as we were trying to save it all for ourselves, available in very limited quantities.


To almost be treated as a meal in itself, served as a dessert wine alternative. Post meal with salted nuts, cured hams, olives or gorgonzola cheese