Turf Wars

Van Dieman & Ocho are born from the same brewery. Van Dieman is the older, wiser and larger of the brewers, whilst Ocho is the new, upstart little brother. This is a battle of the brews.

World Beer Mile

Never heard of the Beer Mile? Maybe it's the sport for you? We'll the World Championships have just been run & won, and Van Dieman sponsored athlete, Tasmanian Josh Harris, has put in a stunning performance at the event in Austin, Texas. Find out more here.

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Towards Sustainable Beer

We've begun integrating beer production into larger, self-sufficient ecosystems on the working farm, and by doing so, are taking greater control of the brewing process from start to finish. We're creating a farm-to-bottle process that isn’t just great for the environment — it’s great for beer connoisseurs, too.

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Coolship Brew #1

Yesterday, Monday 5th September, we brewed our first 100% spontaneous batch of beer in our coolship. It was a brewday we had envisaged for quite some time and were finally thrilled to have it happen.

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