About Van Dieman Brewing

Van Dieman Brewing began as a leap of faith by founder & head brewer Will Tatchell in 2007. After completing a Science degree at University, Will headed to the United Kingdom to immerse himself in the British brewing industry, working as a brewer at numerous regional craft breweries, learning the brewing craft from the inner sanctum of these breweries. He returned home a few years later armed with increased knowledge, invaluable experience & a dedicated passion for the art of brewing & set about establishing the brewery. The production brewery opened in April 2009, & quickly gained traction with fresh & authentic styles combined with innovative releases. Today, Van Dieman produces a core range of 4 beers; Pale, Amber, & White ales & an Oatmeal Stout, along with an assortment of limited release & seasonal variants.


The brewery is located just outside of the historic northern Tasmanian town of Evandale, set amongst century old English Oak trees on a family farming property. The operational farm not only supplies us with spring water, grains and hops for our brewing purposes, but also allows us to rear grain-fed pork & beef, pasture fed lamb and irrigate tree plantations with waste water from the brewery operations. Whilst we’d love to be open to the public for tours and tastings, the brewery remains purely a production brewery so we can focus our attention on creating and crafting magnificent beers. It’s a focus that we believe in for the betterment of the beer, combined with the ethos that there is no substitute for passion, commitment and hard work. Its what we’ve built our business on over the past 7 years, and hopefully for many more to come. Cheers


While Tasmania has no shortage of quality craft beer & brewing heritage, we feel that Van Dieman Brewing is something special. For us, our beer is our focus & priority. Our commitment to excellence combined with a willingness to break & rewrite the rules makes us different.

We’re not afraid of failure. We see it as a seed to growth & success.


Why Van Dieman

Beer is for localvores. Society itself was established 5000 years based upon a water source, grain production and the ‘magic’ of beer making. It seems like more and more stuff is ‘going local’, and among craft breweries, Van Dieman is leading the way. But while it’s a simple theory, going local is in some ways harder than ever. Communities all over our great land are under siege by big box stores, chain restaurants and fast-casual concepts serving up franchise opportunities right there on the menus next to the fries.



It means that places like Tasmania have to fight even harder to keep the identity it already has. Van Dieman is trying to right the ship. We sow, grow & harvest our own barley on farm for brewing. Our hop fields supply 10% of our annual hop needs. All our water is drawn from on farm springs. And we’re developing a yeast capture program to isolate indigenous yeast from the area, specifically for brewing with.


Local just doesn't happen

Its all about a shared vision, mutal support and a true spirit of camaraderie. Local isn’t something that’s bought or leased. Its organic. Its honest. Its real. 

why craft beer

Good Beer is a choice. For too many years the main ingredient in most mass-produced beers has been hot air. Ever since the industrial revolution began, we’ve been sold on the notion that just about anything that is worth having could be better if we could just produce a few million more – and if they were instantly available everywhere. Since that initial turn of the cog, mass production has infiltrated every facet of culture – leaving a sea of cheap commodities in its wake. Combine that with aggressive beer marketing designed to create loyalty to labels rather than quality, and you’ve got a recipe for mediocrity on a grand scale. In a country as remote and sparse as Australia, the answer to logistical problems of mass production, preservation and transportation came in the form of fillers and other workarounds to compensate for the higher cost of fresh, perishable ingredients. 

Along the way, in an effort to cut costs and appeal to the lowest common denominator, the skill & spirit of innovation & experimentation evaporated in the blink on an eye.


At Van Dieman Brewing we make every litre from scratch with only the freshest ingredients – many grown either on the brewery farm or sourced from within Tasmania. Making craft beer is a journey. Its about choices – both for the brewer and the patron. And in the same way you can tell the difference between a fresh cut of meat and processed parts, its about a return to quality. Its about tasting all of the beer. Every decision we make leaves its mark on the product. Its deliberate.