About Van Dieman


Van Dieman Brewing is an independent farm brewery, established in 2009, located on a family farm in Northern Tasmania. We combine the passion of agriculture with the artisanship of fermentation to create a menagerie of stylistic and farmhouse beers that incorporate our natural surroundings and local agriculture to uniquely convey a sense of origin, time, place & people - the liquid summation of “terroir.”

Having completed a science degree a University, our brewer & founder Will Tatchell then traveled to the UK to begin his career as a brewer, returning a number of years later to begin work on our craft brewery in 2007 which was, by necessity, a labor of love. The demand for hand-made, small batch beer was not what it is today. But those first kegs of our Ragged Jack Pale Ale we proudly delivered to local pubs and restaurants found a market that was receptive to flavourful, locally brewed ales back when bland, generic beers ruled. It turns out we were onto something. Though our lineup of beers has grown, the way we brew all of them – always keeping quality and consistency in everything we do – remains the same. That artisanal spirit that Van Dieman was founded on continues today; brew excellent beer every day.

Whilst a majority of our production is dedicated to our core beers, our conscious transition into Farmhouse beers is perhaps what excites us most at the brewery.  Farmhouse beers are less of a style and more of a loose branch on the beer family tree, originating in the agrarian borderland shared by France and Belgium. The humble origins of these beers meant that they were brewed with whatever ingredients were on hand. The rustic nature of making beer in a more primitive and authentic environment drives our process. It hosts peculiar and expressive organisms that represent a model of beer that spans a gap in brewing prehistory. This form of brewing resists adherence to any style guidelines because the beer’s profile can be as varied as the imagination: bold or mild, light or dark, sweet or bitter. Creating distinctive, unique flavors and giving the natural process full credit is at the heart of farmhouse brewing. A blend of yeasts is required to achieve the desired character, where a chorus of microorganisms creates fruity, spicy, and peppery flavors and aromas. As with all our beers, no preservatives, filtering or pasteurization occurs ensuring that fine flavors and delicate aromas are preserved.

But we’re on a greater mission. To create a totally unique and completely brewery grown, sourced, processed and brewed style of beer, an Estate Ale of single origin. By utilizing grains and hops grown on the brewery farm and subsequent processing on-site, a spring-fed water source, and foraging the countryside for wild flora and indigenous wild yeasts, we are returning to how local farmhouse brewing existed in a previous life, back to its agricultural roots. We’re brewing from the ground up.